About Us

About Eclipse

Eclipse is a global leader of premium surfaces, the pioneer of quartz surfaces, and an expert in flooring solutions. We design, manufacture, and market engineered stones that secure safety, guarantee durability, to bring everlasting beauty for residential and commercial applications, indoors and outdoors.

We are an innovative and forward thinking flooring company years’ experience in trading, distribution and installation of fine wood floors and architectural joinery.

We understand that every room requires its own unique solution, one that resonates with the mood and intent of the space. We are different from our peers as not only can we design and bring your creation to life, but our installations are second to none.

As a design-led business, we offer a full end-to-end service, equally focused on contemporary interior techniques and traditional methods. With our broad expertise, we embrace your ideas and inspiration, working with you to develop a unique design that will work perfectly in your particular space.

Each installation is completed to the point of perfection, and will last for many years without defects.